Kostrzyn (PL / EU) 20-06-2004 /// 31-08-2004

Torino (I / EU) 07-11-2004 /// 30-01-2005

The project "Patterns" is based on the idea of overlapping and matching the body - the boundary as to the external world - to territory. By conceptually positioning the body over the territory, it is possible to make a body-territory mapping, through clothing.

Both, nature and politics delimit/cut territories, move frontiers. But behind the moving of lines, the power-games and strategies, extremely deep and harsh signs are hidden. Cutting and redesigning territories, as for example the Oder-Neisse line between Poland and Germany or those borough artificially/specifically designed for certain social classes - Mirafiori in Turin or Scampia in Naples - is related to political as well as social, logics and necessities; there are marks left in history and memory, on our skins, in our bodies.

In "Patterns kiosk", summer 2004, the clothes designed reproduce areas and buildings from the map of the city of Kostrzyn (Poland). They were made by two tailors, who during the course of the exhibition "Dialog Loci", in Kostrzyn, worked in a small kiosk inside the frontier bazaar - trans-frontier market. Visitors could choose the patterns and fabrics they preferred for their clothes.

"Patterns Torino" (Nicola-Fornello Gallery, Turin), is the logical continuation of "patterns kiosk" at the Polish-German border: here also, a tailor manufactures clothes designed on portions of the Turin territory marked by profound social characteristics: the Mirafiori, Vanchiglia, Stadio delle Alpi and San Salvario borough
In the first room, the pattern-territory is enlarged and painted on the walls whilst piles of fabric patiently wait, steeped, to take form. The table and sewing machine, covered with bobbins and threads, frills and cuttings, in the second room, testify to the tailor's weekly work. Dressmaker's dummies wear the first completed models and small collages on the walls reproduce the whole project.

The paper patterns, offered to the public, may be freely collected and used.