Patterns Kiosk

Kostrzyn (PL / EU) 20-06-2004 /// 31-08-2004 (Dialog Loci)

Fashion determines the rhythm of time by continuously changing the design of clothes, just like animals change their furs. It is based on the accurate measuring of the body which consecutively is transferred to the pattern sheet. Given that the skin is the limitation/ border of the body, then clothing is a second border between a person and the world. Luigi Ontani created with a paper model such an indirect form of a self-portrait. But there exist also other paper models much less connected to this subjective aspect. Bernardo Giorgi adopts the instrument of ‚do-it-yourself' elegance; an example for the bricolage of styles. Observing the analogy of maps and pattern sheets, he unites two kinds of cartography: the mapping of bodies and the mapping of the environment. Renting a kiosk on the local bazaar in Kostrzyn near the border, he decorates it with elements of pattern sheets. Inside, several ‚Burda' magazines are offered for free and a tailor helps the people to sew objects and applications out of pieces of fabric. Bernardo Giorgi creates his fashion by re-modeling city districts into clothing accessiors. Thus urban neighborhoods become pouches or collar decorations or special shirt cuffs for the visitors. The material he uses to decorate the kiosk (plush, artificial lawn and pattern sheets) displays enough kitsch as to compete with the visually strong communication means of the bazaar.

Laura Cherubini